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Explore Varanasi Retreat

 Varanasi is well known as the knowledge core of Vedic wisdom, Yoga,  and Meditation.  There are many ancient spiritual ashrams located on the bank of sacred Hindu river Ganga.  

For a complete spiritual awakening, a wide range of supreme experiences can be derived from the city of Varanasi: 

1. Soaking in at the evening Ganga Aati

A boat ride in the sacred Ganga River will liberate your senses, which can be followed by the enchanting evening arti at the ghats.

2.Indulging in yoga and meditation

The air at Varanasi is pure and incense-laden, thus creating the perfect ambience for yoga and meditation sessions. You can join in the exercise at the temples, river banks or at wellness centres.

3.Walking through the lanes

The streets of Varanasi are older than time, and are bustling with mystics, ancient artefacts, goods and commodities. You can immerse yourself in the local culture and architecture by walking over to Dal Mandi, Kite Market, Vishvanath Gali, and the famous Dasashwamedha Ghat.

 Charge for 7 days INR 55,000 for Indians& USD 800 for others. Includes food, stay, yoga class, certificate.  


Explore Rishikesh Retreat

 Time for Silence

 Limited to a small number of guests, this intimate 10-day retreat is dedicated to your total well-being. This wellness vacation includes restorative meditation, spiritual walk, south Indian village life experiance   and one-on-one guidance to help you detox and de-stress. You'll relax, rejuvenate, and feel your built up tension melt away as our team of Explore help you restore balance , ´Time for Silence, we want to try to be non-knowing. We want to empty our mind rather than fill it with new thoughts. One method to achieve this, is Yoga ( Abhyasa). Another method is detachment ( Vairagya). We try to combine these two methods. Aim is the inner relaxation, and through relaxation the emptying of our mind... 

 Charge for 7 days INR 55,000 for Indians & USD 800 for others. Includes food, stay, classes and Retreat... 


Bali Yoga Immersion

 We have decided to include that option for dedicated practitioners who wish to understand and go deeper into their practice. Yoga practitioners should be able to develop an autonomous practice.   

The Hatha Yoga practice will be taught on a traditional manner. It will start with 12 Suraya Namaskara Hatha Yoga followed by explore sequence, Pranayama and meditatiom. All asanas will be kept 9 breathings. Hatha Yoga is one of the most demanding practice. Hatha Yoga is often labeled as “gentle” yoga while it is a wrong concept. The asana has to be stable, in order to keep an asana for a long time the breathing has to be stable and regular, the breath should be long and free.

 Charge for 7 days 1200 USD Includes Stay, class and Retreat   ...  

Certified Yoga teacher directory

Ashok Hemam Singh

Pradeepan Korugodan

Pradeepan Korugodan


Ashok is teaching in Dubai.

Pradeepan Korugodan

Pradeepan Korugodan

Pradeepan Korugodan


Pradeepan is teaching in Qatar.

Geeta Manohar

Pradeepan Korugodan

Vijayalakshmi Rajendran


Geeta is teaching in Canada.

Vijayalakshmi Rajendran

Vijayalakshmi Rajendran

Vijayalakshmi Rajendran


Vijayalakshmi is teaching is Singapore.

Meera Kannan

Vijayalakshmi Rajendran

Meera Kannan


Meera is teaching in Bangalore.


Vijayalakshmi Rajendran

Meera Kannan


Vishal is teaching in Bangalore.